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Recently, the Secretary-General of the Vietnam Shippers' Association, Mr. Phan Thong, has submitted a proposal to the government and relevant authorities to strengthen the regulation of surcharges imposed by foreign shipping companies.

Representatives of the Vietnam Shippers' Association also suggested the need for strong and decisive measures to control the adjustment of THC (Terminal Handling Charges) and other surcharges by foreign shipping companies.

In response to this issue, the President of the Vietnam Logistics Business Association (VLA), Mr. Le Duy Hiep, expressed his agreement and stated that currently, foreign shipping companies only need to announce price changes 15 days before the adjustment without undergoing checks or providing explanations for the factors that constitute fees or surcharges. As a result, these companies increase fees, causing dissatisfaction among businesses, yet the issue remains unresolved.

According to Mr. Hiep, it is time to tighten the management of surcharges imposed by foreign shipping companies. To achieve this, legal and international practice aspects need to be studied. "They should be required to obtain approval from the management agency, from the association before the fees can be increased," suggested Mr. Hiep.

In a recent letter to the Prime Minister and relevant ministries, the Vietnam Shippers' Association made three proposals to enhance the management of surcharges imposed by foreign shipping companies.

Firstly, to supplement additional charges for container shipping services in the list of declared prices to improve the price management mechanism and various surcharges for goods at seaports. This aims to prevent arbitrary price increases by shipping companies, protecting the rights of import-export businesses. The companies should provide reports on the structure of THC fees, and if these surcharges result in excessive profits, relevant authorities should consider applying special consumption tax policies.

Secondly, an early review and issuance of a mechanism to manage various surcharges in line with Vietnamese laws and international practices, requiring shipowners to immediately stop unreasonable fee collection. Simultaneously, proposing the Prime Minister promptly issue appropriate mechanisms to manage the fee collection activities of foreign shipping companies operating in Vietnam.

Thirdly, to learn from the experience of managing foreign shipping companies in neighboring countries to develop and improve measures to strengthen the control of the activities of foreign shipping companies, avoiding revenue loss for the state budget and protecting the interests of domestic enterprises.

Approximately 15 million containers of goods are imported and exported through Vietnamese seaports each year, generating revenue of around USD 3 billion. This is a significant source of income that foreign shipping companies cannot ignore. Therefore, according to the representative of the Logistics Business Association, management authorities should consider strengthening control over foreign shipping companies to ensure fair rights and benefits for businesses and the country.

"The key is to manage THC fees to align with common practices and Vietnamese laws," emphasized the VLA President."

Source: baotintuc.vn

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